About Us

Specializing in Branding, Web Design & Development, & SEO

“It’s not about us. It’s about you.”

We say this because, for the most part, we take an idea – not of our own – more like, yours – and put it on paper, literally… and it ends up on the web. We would love more than anything to be hired just to think of concepts and make them happen. Well, it’s not really like that. Although we have our talents and our team is full of creativity, our daily success involves absorbing ideas expressed from our clients, and making them a technically perfect and aesthetically pleasing reality. Our real creativity is probably spent at home wrestling with a paint brush and canvas, or dreaming about inventing the next iPhone app that teens across America are dying to spend their disposable income on. But really, our work comes from the ideas and concepts of our clients. We listen really attentively, imagine how it can be so, discuss it within the team, and make it happen. And at the end of the day, our clients love us, and we end up taking the credit for being the creative ones.

“but since you are asking…”

Contour & Co. is a small team of creative individuals with individual tech-savvy know-how and a creative bug, up the you know where, for making everything “compositionally correct”.  I think the collective hours of art classes from this group is in the thousands, and has resulted in a brainwashed attitude of making sure that every project would pass with an “A”…  even though the most of us have been away from school for a decade.  We are family like, and yes a few of us are related.  We like all things digital and all things art.  We have our own personal achievements outside of our offices and we cherish them.  And surprisingly enough, even with the full time of being awesome at creating your projects, we are all actually achieving these personal goals.  Skateboarding, b-boy competitions, comic book illustrations, pottery, creating music, building intuitive web applications that potentially can generate large amounts of income, mix media painting, craft jewelry, dart competitions, drawing epic cartoons and illustrations, Japanese calligraphy, ice carvings and training our dog “batman” to twirl in the air are just a few achievements of the individuals here at Contour.  We usually keeps these things to ourselves, but we take comfort in knowing that our team mates are pretty friggin awesome people.