Paid Search

The Most Important Tool For Any Business

Paid Search, Pay-Per-Click (or PPC rather), is arguably the most important aspect that an online marketing expert can use. This is because, when properly implemented, it is a data collecting tool meant to survey the internet and tell you where the hot spots are – in the form of keywords that your potential customers are using to locate the services you offer.

Not only can it discover the valuable keywords, but it can also give insight into what to present to the person that is typing in the keyword phrase. For example, through Paid Search, it can be discovered that people who type in certain keywords will respond well to ads that are geared towards value (i.e. “20% off”), while other keywords for the same product or service are geared towards quality (i.e. “highest quality”). As you can see, you can discover the best way to pitch your potential customers by understanding the common reactions to certain ads based on the keywords that they are typing in.

If this is confusing, what you need to know is that when you think of computers and what they do- And then think of marketing, and what it’s supposed to do- You will understand that, through PPC, you can eventually have enough data to truly know how much to spend in order to make the desired amount of income for your company. Not only how much, but which keywords, what geo-targeted area and what time of day.

This is the sharpshooter way to do marketing. And it all starts with collecting data.

How Paid Search Increases Search Engine Optimization

“Well, what about SEO?” you ask. As explained earlier, PPC is the arguably the most important tool for an internet marketing expert. (And these experts are not bound by only PPC. They use all means of advertising to represent their clients on the web, including SEO and social media) This is because the best way to run an SEO campaign is to understand which keywords will convert well and then go after them. Sure we do a keyword research and a competitive analysis to get companies started with SEO. However, with SEO, you have to pick your keywords and then go after them. PPC allows you the flexibility to experiment with any and all keywords relating to your industry. A lot of time you can discover a keyword that converts well but has a very low competition. We then take that keyword and inject it into the SEO campaign.

Do Not “Set it and Forget it”

Another key element to PPC is that most of the campaigns that you see out there are using a “set it and forget it” technique. This means they set up the ads, and then leave it alone, waiting for results to come to them. This totally is a misuse of any PPC campaign. However, this makes it very good for the company who hires an expert to do it correctly.

PPC Misconception

Most businessmen that we’ve encountered are skeptical of PPC because you are paying Google, Bing, Facebook etc. for clicks regardless of if that click converts into a sale. The misconception is that it doesn’t work. Yes, when done incorrectly, it can be an expensive failure. However we believe that every business should be on a PPC campaign for at least 1 year, for the data collecting aspect alone – of course the campaign should be run with an expert who knows what they are doing. The cost to discover what the internet playing field can bring to your company is a great investment in itself. This takes away the mystery of what’s out there, and let’s you know if there is action that you are missing out on.

Increase Quality Score. Decrease Cost Per Lead.

Platforms like Google Adwords will reward a campaign for doing it’s best to reach out to potential customers by driving the campaign live. This is done through what is called quality score. As your quality score goes up the platforms will allow you to lower your bid to keep the same position on the page.

This is because Google’s number one concern is it’s users. Meaning, if you are getting a good quality score, this means that the quality of your ad is satisfying to the users that are typing in the keyword. The only way to bring a quality score up is to make sure that your ad and landing page are interesting and satisfactory to the users that are seeing it. Bounce rate, CTR (Click-Through-Ratio), and many other aspects will decide if your quality score goes up or down. As your cost per click goes down, your cost per acquisition goes down also.

In summary, we are a part of the small percentage of online marketing experts who run PPC campaigns with very much attention to detail. We do not “set it and forget it”. We are committed to maximizing the ROI (return on investment) for every campaign we run. This means that a business can focus on what they do best – Their own quality of product and service.