Oftentimes, a company’s online needs do not  simply start and stop at the deliverable of a website, or even with the printed marketing materials and the technical aspects involved with  SEO and PPC. There is always the challenge of truly representing the business model in a way that potential customers can relate to. Many times the business is too busy providing the products and services to existing clients to put any attention on what and how to present the information for a campaign. This is a good thing, because that means that your company’s products and/or services are in demand. The problem this creates is that it can leave the door wide open for the competition to run a clever marketing strategy while you are taking care of business, potentially leading to a slump in future sales.

Our consulting service consists of “discovery” sessions that will give us the time to truly learn your business in an effort to provide it what is needed and wanted through marketing. We brainstorm with you so that any online marketing effort is truly representing the needs and wants of your business.  We also will tell you what is and isn’t possible when it comes to online marketing.

Once we understand your business, we put together an outline of what is needed to reach your company goals. We also analyze your resources to see if some of the work can be done through your own staff, i.e. a receptionist to handle inquiries through social media platforms, etc. The consultation service allows for you and your management staff to share the head-space with a marketing professional. Ultimately, it is a way for you to express your company’s goals and purposes, and for us to create a pathway for the best possible way to reach them.