Web Solutions

Websites! Every business needs one. We think everyone deserves a great one! When was the last time you found directions to a restaurant, looked at a virtual tour of a home, bought ink for your printer, or per-ordered a flower arrangement using a phone book?  If you are going to Google for all of your needs it is safe to say your customers are too. Contour & Co. works with all types of projects big and small. Our handcrafted  websites are programed with lightweight code for optimum functionality. Go ahead, call your computer guy. We invite any “techy” to inspect our work. Users love websites when they are chic, cool, fashionable, cutting edge, and eye catching…but we love websites when they actually work for the business… and look awesome. We take the user’s experience into consideration with every project. Contour Graphic’s team builds websites keeping form and function in mind.

Website technology is constantly changing. Remember how everyone used to want flash…and now everyone runs from it? If you really look at the internet’s history time line…websites have only been around for a short time. Contour & Co. keeps up with all of the latest trends in web development and design. We want to know how to use the technology needed to not only make it easy for users to find the websites we build online, but also make all of the user experiences awesome. To be on the grid you must show you exist online. How do you do that? You get a website.

Ok great, you want a website now…now what? Our process allows for every website to be personalized to your business.  We actually allow you to be a part of the creative process. Can you believe it? We want to know about your vision. This gives us purpose for every website we build…and everyone needs a game to play. We master your branding. We are cutting edge while still creating a presentation that is acceptable for your targeted audience. Here at Contour & Co. we feel that, big or small, every business deserves to have their vision of success come to life. We create the tools to help you make that happen.