The Difference

Contour & Co. is a branding and web design boutique. We are here to build your branding, develop your websites, create custom designs, and print beautifully branded items all in in a calculated effort to make you “look good”. We are different. We want to know more about our customers. Tell us about your most popular products and services, your deadlines and goals, and even your favorite movies, and places to eat. We know that business owners do not always have enough time in the day to eat lunch…let alone figuring out a way successfully squeeze promotions, advertising, and branding into their day. Take us for example; Victor, the owner of Contour & Co., usually eats lunch hovering over his laptop while checking emails or approving the latest designs that our team is working on…because he cant give a consultation with his mouth full of turkey sandwich. Sound familiar?

There is no open debate.  To reach your targeted audience you must tell everyone you exist. Grab all of those post-it notes stuck to your desk and bring them to us. We can take your idea and help you create a campaign that will make your neighbors not only know about you…but maybe even a little envious of how cool your branding is compared to theirs. We are not here to blow your budget, we are here to  tell you the “trade secrets” to help make your dollars stretch.

There is no cookie cutter way to promote or brand any company. Contour & Co. knows this. Sure, there are fundamentals that we start with…every building has a foundation, just like every business needs a logo. The fun part; and it just so happens it is the part that we are good at, is  picking those paint colors, custom built ins, and window frames…the things that make your customers notice you. We are proud to be an extension of your business.  Our team takes the time to nerd out and learn the newest technologies. Functional-always, great designs-absolutely!  That’s the difference here…and we plan to keep it that way.