Branding and Design

Every Business needs that “at a glance” recognition that comes with along with any successful branding campaign.  This is identification by imagery. Contour & Co. is able to provide our logo, graphic design and branding services with ease. This ability stems from the desire that our team has to discover the nature of your business and your roll within your trade. Our goal is simple really…Make you look awesome.

We are not the ad agency your father’s company uses. We do not charge a monthly fee for design retainers. Our team learns about who you are and build your branding step-by-step. Contour & Co. works with your  business as a team to guarantee that your image is just that..Yours!  We love designing…and yes sometimes we can get a little “too creative” for some, but we always listen to you…always aspire to provide excellent products that will make users “stop in their tracks”

For business owners branding can be a real headache. Our system makes it easy. We have a consultation with you..then we do all the work. Thats what we are here for. We are your design department, your creative writers, your marketing manager all here to be an extension of your business. We calculate the best way to represent your business with branding, copywriting, and design. We discover what is needed and wanted from your campaign and use it to catapult  us through each and everyone of your projects. The result: Branding!